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The Generous support of our corporate members over the years has contributed to PAPG's Success, and today our association is recognized as the local platform for geologists and lubrication science. Corporate member support comes not only in the form of dues but, more important, through their commitment at annual or local section meetings either through attending ot by teaching a course or presenting a paper.

Baker Hughes Inc.
Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE: BHI) creates value from oil and gas reservoirs with high-performance drilling, evaluation, completions and production technology and services, integrated operations and reservoir consulting. Our solutions are designed to lower costs, reduce risk or improve productivity for the global oil and gas industry.
Baker Hughes was formed in 1987 with the merger of Baker International and Hughes Tool Company—both founded over 100 years ago when R.C. Baker and Howard Hughes, Sr. conceived ground-breaking inventions that revolutionized the fledgling petroleum era. Since those earliest advancements, we’ve never stopped searching for solutions to conquer the next frontier. Website : www.bakerhughes.com

United Energy Pakistan Limited (UEPL)
United Energy Pakistan Limited (UEPL) assumed control of oil and gas exploration and production assets managed by BP Pakistan in September, 2011.
The Company focuses primarily on exploration and production taking care of the whole process, from the first assessment of the site to the first production of oil and gas. All our operations are based in province Sindh, with the concession boundary starting 100 km to the east of Karachi.
We work in an area that spans eight districts in Sindh province which are Badin, Tando Mohammad Khan, Tando Allahyar, Thatta, Hyderabad (rural), Matiari, Sanghar and Mirpurkhas. These assets consist of nine producing and exploration blocks in Sindh province and four offshore exploration blocks in the Arabian Sea. Recently the Company also won bids for two new exploration blocks, Digri and Sanghar South, which lie adjacent to UEP's Mirpurkhas Khipro concession areas.
This translates to an onshore footprint of more than 10,000 square kilometres and the largest offshore acreage given to any single exploration and production company in Pakistan so far, situated 250 km south of Karachi in ultra deep waters.
Our offices are located in Karachi and Islamabad. We also have field offices in Badin and Matiari districts. Website : www.uep.com.pk

LMK Resorces Pakistan Private Ltd.
Founded in 1994, LMKR is a petroleum technology company with an extensive solutions portfolio that includes reservoir-centric interpretation, modeling and analytics software, mobile technology solutions, E&P data services as well as geoscience and information management consulting solutions - all focused towards lowering the risk associated with exploration and production of conventional and unconventional resource plays.
LMKR is a technology provider of software and services for the oil and gas industry. The LMKR core competence is innovation around petroleum E&P data management, consultancy services, software solutions and training. From the beginning, LMKR has been dedicated to providing high quality services.
LMKR provides mobile technology solutions, data services, geoscience and data management consulting solutions to oil and gas operators, geoscientists and investors in order to lower the risk associated with unconventional oil and gas, exploration and production. The customer base includes: multinationals, national oil companies, government E&P ministries, independent oil companies, service companies and consultancies.
LMKR is committed to the vision of providing unconventional solutions around reservoir-centric interpretation, modeling and analytics that can be shared anytime, anywhere with fit-for-purpose technologies. The LMKR GeoGraphix Discovery Suite is the industry’s most complete and integrated Windows-based geology and geophysical integrated system.
Currently, LMKR services more than 22 countries and is headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. with an ever increasing employee base of more than 600 globally. Website : www.lmkr.com

MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. B.V.
The Hungarian Oil & Gas Company Plc (MOL Rt.) was founded in 1991, and that alone represents a milestone in the history of the Hungarian petroleum industry. It is not only a company that embraces the entire Hungarian petroleum industry, but one that has grown into one of the largest multinational corporations in Central Europe.
The Exploration and Production segment has diverse portfolio with oil and gas exploration activities in 13 countries and producing assets in 7 countries. MOL Group’s SPE 2P reserves reached 619 MMboe (as of 31 December 2010), while hydrocarbon production amounted to 143.5 Mboe/day in 2010. MOL Group has more than seven decades of oil and gas industry experience in the CEE region and a 20+ year international presence. We have recorded several discoveries in Hungary, Russia, Pakistan, Syria, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Egypt and Kazakhstan in recent years.
The activities of the Gas and Power division enables MOL to take full advantage of the synergies among the supply and trading of crude oil, gas, power, CO2 and other. Our Group is an active participant in the gas storage business again, as the gas storage facility of MMBF Ltd. has finished the first year of its successful operation in 2010. MOL is analysing the opportunity to create a diversified generation portfolio.
MOL Pakistan, a fully owned subsidiary of the MOL Group (www.molgroup.hu) registered in Netherlands has been working in Pakistan since 1999.
MOL Pakistan is always on the look for further investment opportunities in Exploration and Production (E & P) sector of Pakistan through involvement in further Exploration Blocks and acquisition of state owned upstream/downstream opportunities available for privatization. MOL Pakistan sincerely believes that its E & P skill inventory gathered over the period of time can positively contribute towards the self-sustainability of Pakistan’s energy needs. Website : www.molpakistan.pk

Nuricon Union (Pte.) Ltd.
Nuricon is Pakistan’s premier oilfield supply and services company, was formed in 1975 with the mission to Provide a comprehensive service to Pakistan’s oil and gas industry
Remain focused only on the hydrocarbon industry
Represent "Top of the Line" accounts and help them develop a foothold in the Pakistan market
Recruit individuals of high calibre and experience and through them, provide a service with a professional approach
This mission is still alive. But to keep it alive and in planning for the future, NURiCON’s Board of Directors have recognized that search for new customers, products/accounts and field services must continue. Website : www.nuricon.com

OMV Pakistan Exploraion G.m.b.H
OMV started operating in Pakistan in 1991 and based on successful exploration, has developed into one of the largest foreign gas producer with a 13% market share. Currently OMV holds two Development and Production Licences in Sawan and Miano fields and is producing from the Latif and Tajjal fields on an Extended Well Testing scheme. The country offers excellent growth potential supported by a good business environment and prospective as well as underexplored acreage.
OMV holds an important exploration portfolio with 7 operated and non operated blocks. As of July 11, 2011, OMV purchased the entire share capital of Petronas Carigali (Pakistan) Ltd, which is Petronas´ Exploration and Production (E&P) operating entity in Pakistan. With the completion of the share and change of control transaction, OMV increases its production by about 1,000 boe/d to 15,000 boe/d. Through the strong growth potential of the acquisition of the Mubarak and Mehar exploration licenses as well as the Mehar and Mubarak development and production leases in the Indus Basin in central Pakistan, OMV gains a strong strategic position within the E&P portfolio and will help OMV reach its long-term growth objectives.
In Pakistan, new expertise on operating and processing gas at plants has been maintained at optimum level with an excellent reputation in terms of efficiency and reliability. Since the activities are located in the desert, Pakistan poses a particularly difficult challenge for man, technology and the environment. OMV is focusing on technologies that result in a minimum footprint in the area. At the same time, optimum use of drilling bits and the mud system has improved the drilling speed, which accounts for the company’s reputation of being the fastest driller in Middle Indus. In production, high-temperature technology and materials for high-rate gas wells are utilized. To avoid costly sand control installations, special sand management techniques have been developed and implemented. To identify stratigraphic traps, OMV uses the latest cutting-edge technology in seismic processing and imaging.
Many of the key skills developed in Pakistan are now used elsewhere in the global portfolio, in particular through international assignment of many of its Pakistani staff. Website : www.omv.com

Oil & Gas Development Company Limited OGDCL

Prior to OGDCL's emergence, exploration activities in the country were carried out by Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (PPL) and Pakistan Oilfields Ltd. (POL). In 1952, PPL discovered a giant gas field at Sui in Balochistan. This discovery generated immense interest in exploration and five major foreign oil companies entered into concession agreements with the Government.
Prior to 23 October 1997, OGDCL was a statutory Corporation, and was known as OGDC (Oil & Gas Development Corporation). It has been incorporated as a Public Limited Company w.e.f. 23 October 1997 and is now known as OGDCL (Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd.).
The Mission is to become the leading provider of oil and gas to the country by increasing exploration and production both domestically and internationally, utilizing all options including strategic alliances Website : www.ogdcl.com

KUFPEC Pakistan Holding B.V.
Established by its parent company KPC, KUFPEC is an international oil company, engaged in exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas outside Kuwait, active in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.
KUFPEC participates in joint ventures with similar companies in E&P of Oil and Gas both as an operator and partner.
KUFPEC’s mission is to increase the value of the Company to the State of Kuwait and shareholders by profitably exploring for and producing hydrocarbons.
KUFPEC’s vision is to become one of the major contributors to the income of the State of Kuwait and shareholders by maintaining an average long-term rate of return greater than that offered by other shareholders investment opportunities. Website : www.kufpec.com

Pakistan Petroleum Limited
The pioneer of the natural gas industry in the country, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has been a frontline player in the energy sector since the mid-1950s. As a major supplier of natural gas, PPL today contributes some 25 percent of the country’s total natural gas supplies besides producing crude oil, Natural Gas Liquid and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
The company’s history can be traced back to the establishment of a public limited company in June 1950, with major shareholding by Burmah Oil Company (BOC) of the United Kingdom. In September 1997, BOC disinvested from the Exploration and Production (E&P) sector worldwide and sold its equity in PPL to the Government of Pakistan.
The Vision is to maintain Pakistan Petroleum Limited’s position as the premier producer of hydrocarbons in the country by exploiting conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources, resulting in value addition to shareholders’ investment and the nation as a whole.
The Mission is to sustain long-term growth by pursuing an aggressive hydrocarbons exploration and production optimization programme in the most efficient manner through a team of professionals utilizing the latest developments in technology while ensuring that quality is an integral part of all operations and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environment protection and addressing community development needs. Website : www.ppl.com.pk
. Schlumberger
Schlumberger is the leading oilfield services provider, trusted to deliver superior results and improved E&P performance for oil and gas companies around the world. Through our well site operations and in our research and engineering facilities, we are working to develop products, services and solutions that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of who we are. For more than 80 years, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer performance.
Today, our real-time technology services and solutions enable customers to translate acquired data into useful information, then transform this information into knowledge for improved decision making-anytime, anywhere. Harnessing information technology in this way offers enormous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity. This is a quantum leap from providing traditional 'just-in-case' information to delivering 'just-in-time' knowledge that meets the changing needs of our customers. Website : www.slb.com

Tullow Pakistan Developments Ltd.
It started in a small town called Tullow, about 35 miles south of Dublin, Ireland. In the 80s there were loads of companies starting off in the North Sea and Irish Celtic Sea. I was talking to a friend of mine in the bank one day and he was talking about small oil fields in Africa, which had been left behind by the majors and had no-one to work them. That is where the idea came from. I contacted another friend of mine in the World Bank who told me about a project in Senegal. They had some small gas fields that they were trying to get people to develop, so I setup Tullow Oil to rework those old fields. I knew nothing about the oil and gas industry at the time, which made it more challenging. No one thought Tullow would succeed because of my lack of knowledge of the industry, no major backers and I was starting a company in a country with no oil industry. Website : www.tullowoil.com .

Weatherford Pakistan
Weatherford International Ltd. (NYSE / Euronext Paris / SIX:WFT) is one of the largest global providers of advanced products and services that span the drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention cycles of oil and natural gas wells. Weatherford employs more than 50,000 employees worldwide, operates in more than 100 countries to include 125 globally distributed manufacturing facilities supporting 900 service bases and 16 technology development and training facilities.
Weatherford International Ltd. (NYSE:WFT) is an oilfield service and equipment company dedicated to helping clients maximize the value of their oil and gas assets. We serve the global exploration and production industry with an exceptional breadth of products and services that span a well’s life cycle, encompassing drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention.
A multinational organization, we are committed to pursuing the highest standards of excellence in all of our business processes and partnerships. We provide a common safety culture, performance management and quality system across all product/service lines and geographies. We also are dedicated to benefiting the local communities in which we operate by participating in programs and initiatives that positively impact the local economy. Website : www.weatherford.com

Geofizyka Krakow Pakistan
Geofizyka Kraków means permanent development. We are a Polish company which conquers international markets and works in several countries: Libya, Pakistan, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Czech and the Slovak Republic. We offer our services to biggest oil & gas companies: OMV, Eni, Hydro, MOL and many others. Working for the best, we have to be the best ourselves.
Geofizyka Kraków is a modern geophysical contractor, helping its clients to successfully explore hydrocarbon and geothermal water deposits, as well as monitor natural resources reservoirs throughout the world. We map the world’s basins using the latest technology and highest qualified staff.
The vision of Geofizyka Kraków is to reach the highest working standards on the modern geophysical market. We will owe a success to flexible operations and understanding of clients’ needs. Website : www.gk.com.pl

Dewan Petroleum Limited
Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited (“DPL”) is a Pakistani exploration and production company which is operating the Salsabil gas field in the Safed Koh Block, Punjab. Website : www.dewanpetroleum.com .

New Horizon Exploration and Production Limited
New Horizon Exploration and Production Limited is a young Pakistani E&P company, with a highly qualified and western trained team of professionals. The company’s systems and processes have been modeled after the western based E&P companies. NHEPL strives to be a highly professional and technical company.
NHEPL is registered in the province of Sindh and started its operations on 16 October 2006. NHEPL was awarded its first exploration license, Kunri Block, by the Government of Pakistan on June 5, 2007 and the second exploration license, Jherruck Block, on January 31, 2008. In both licenses, NHEPL is joined by multinational joint ventures partners like Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and Kuwait Energy Company (KEC) . NHEPL has acquired substantial 2D data and have conducted high quality technical evaluations of both blocks in a safe manner. NHEPL has identified several prospective drilling at Jherruck and Kunri. The company has drilled two wells to data with a gas discovery in one of them. Plans exist to acquire additional exploration blocks in the near future.
NHEPL continues to strive to make contribution both as an operator and non-operator in the hydrocarbon exploration and development industry. Website : www.nhepl.com

Government Holdings Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
The idea of forming Government Holdings (Private) Limited was envisaged in 1994 Petroleum Policy. It was demand of the oil and gas that regulator functions relating to petroleum concessions should be separated from the joint venture partnership and these functions be formed through an independent company. Formation of such company was approves by the Cabinet of Ministers in 1997.
The company was incorporated in January, 2000 under the companies ordinance 1984 and commenced its operations in November, 2000.
GHPL to be a small, highly professional company that would efficiently manage GOP working interest in upstream Petroleum Joint Ventures. The company would endeavor to ensure maximum rate of return on the investments. Website : www.ghpl.com.pk

Petroleum Exploration (Pvt) Limited
Petroleum Exploration (Pvt) Limited (PEL), has a number of exploration licences, development & production leases. It is producing 40 MMCFD of gas from two of its concessions. PEL’s development & production leases and exploration licences indicated below, speak of its credentials, expertise and financial soundness.
PEL is committed to invest over US $ 300 Millions in collaboration with its joint venture partners on the exploration in the concession areas. It has planned to drill 31 wells in three years. The work programme includes drilling of 13 exploration & development wells in 2007, 14 wells in 2008 and 4 wells in 2009.
Petroleum Exploration (Pvt) Ltd is the first private sector company in Pakistan that is venturing in the realm of offshore exploration, after it was awarded three Offshore Exploration Lincences. These three blocks are “Indus Offshore J, O & P “ located in deep waters of Arabian Sea, in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Pakistan. Website : Click here

Saxon Energy Services

Saxon is a privately owned company held jointly by Schlumberger Ltd (the world's largest oilfield services provider) and First Reserve Corporation (the largest oilfield private equity organization).
Saxon began in 2005 with nine rigs (two drilling and seven workover) in a single market - Ecuador.
Since then Saxon has transformed into a truly international drilling company with a fleet of 98 rigs (81 drilling and 17 workover) and expanded to over 2,700 employees within twelve additional countries by way of acquisition and organic growth. Saxon is currently operating in North America, South America, Middle East, South Asia and Australia.
In Pakistan Saxon has a fleet of four rigs which includes one (1) 2,500 HP rig, two (2) 2,000 HP rigs and one (1) 1,200 HP rig.
Saxon provides Drilling and Workover Services to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies, with the help of worldwide fleet of Drilling and Workover Rigs. Through our application of delivering value through growth and innovation we concentrate on:

  • Providing fit-for-project drilling solutions.
  • Specialized ATS® (Advanced Technology Single) and ATD® (Advanced Technology Double) and Rack and Pinion rigs technology provides our customers with choices for fast efficient shallow to medium drilling application.
  • Large deep drilling rigs for complex exploration and development campaigns.
Website : www.saxonservices.com

IPR Transoil Corporation

The Improved Petroleum Recovery Group of Companies (IPRGOC) constitutes a synergy of specialized oil and gas operating companies with extensive experience and resources in exploration and production, reservoir management, and field development, oilfield services and consulting services including training and technology transfer.
IPRGOC is staffed with highly experienced and resourceful professionals including geophysicists, geologists, engineers, certified public accountants, systems analysts, and financial controllers. These professional staffs have worked in teams on many projects worldwide.

Website : www.iprgoc.com


Spud Energy Pty Limited
Spud Energy Pty Limited is an independent oil and gas company that entered the upstream oil and gas sector by acquiring the Pakistan oil and gas assets of Novus Pakistan Pty Limited.
The portfolio constitutes of producing, development and exploratory assets with a ready market. Based on current forward oil and gas prices and the continued development of gas markets in Pakistan the portfolio of assets is extremely valuable.
The company commenced its E&P activities in 1996 and participated in the drilling of exploration and appraisal wells in 07 Licenses. By 2004 the acreage was relinquished down to two blocks with discoveries in both.
The Company farmed-in into 3 new "high quality and low risk" concessions in 2007-08 and had one more discovery in the highly prospective Middle Indus Basin. Website : www.spudenergy.com


Frontier Holdings Limited
Frontier Holdings Limited operates as an oil and gas exploration company. Its oil and gas interests in Asia include an interest in a development and production lease covering a gas field, and an interest in exploration blocks.
The company is based in Bermuda. Frontier Holdings Limited operates as a subsidiary of Loon Energy, Inc. and Nemmoco Petroleum Limited.
As per the transaction announced of April 18, 2006, Frontier Holdings Limited is a subsidiary of Jura Energy Corporation. Website : www.juraenergy.com


Ocean Pakistan Limited
Ocean Pakistan Limited (“OPL”) formerly Orient Petroleum International Inc.,) is an Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company registered under the laws of the Cayman Islands with limited liability.
It is a successor in interest to Orient Petroleum Inc. (formerly Occidental of Pakistan, Inc.) a USA based company that began petroleum exploration in Pakistan in 1979.
Within 5 years of commencing E&P activities it landed with its first, and Pakistan's largest oil discovery at Dhurnal. To cap a meticulous and impressive operation, full production began within 20 days of the discovery.
For the past 30 years, OPL has reaped the rewards of Oil and Gas Exploration in Pakistan - generating more than US $1 billion in revenue. OPL has now embarked on a new phase of growth that is embedded firmly in its longstanding foundation of success in a developing country. Website : www.opl.com.pk


MND Exploration And Production Limited
MND the largest company in the Czech Republic specializing in exploring, searching, and extracting crude oil and natural gas in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and building and operating underground gas storage facilities.
We continue with our activities in more than 90-year tradition of oil and natural gas production on the territory of South Moravia. The first successful wells and oil production dated back to around the year 1915 in the area of so-called Vienna basin. This area even nowadays stands for the largest territory with oil and natural gas reserves in the Czech Republic. Website : www.mnd.cz


Mari Petroleum Company Limited
Mari Petroleum Company Limited is one of Pakistan’s largest E&P Company operating the country’s 2nd largest gas reservoir at Mari Field, District Ghotki, Sindh. The Shares of the Company are quoted on all the Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. The Company is primarily engaged in Exploration, development and Production of hydrocarbon potentials (Natural gas, Crude oil, Condensate & LPG) in the country.
MPCL is also exploring opportunities of expanding its business to become a player in the International hydrocarbon Market. We focus on perfecting our start by improving field service efficiencies, containing operating costs, and by making the most of the resources available to us. We strive for a winning finish by promoting energy conservation, practicing social responsibility, exploiting new energy resources, and above all creating value for our stakeholders. Website : www.mpcl.com.pk


China Zhenhua Oil Co. Ltd
China ZhenHua Oil Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZhenHua) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China North Industry Corporation (NORINCO). As a state-owned enterprise, it is authorized by China’s central government to engage in petroleum E&P abroad, global oil trading, and domestic investment in refineries, storage tank farms and logistics.
ZhenHua is one of the six Corporate Coordinators of resource development abroad designated by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a member of the Sino-Kazakstan, Sino-Venezuela, Sino-Kuwait and Sino-Russia Intergovernmental Cooperation commissions, and one of the major state owned enterprises that carry out national policy for outbound investment. Website : www.zhenhuaoil.com


BGP Pakistan Limited
BGP became a liability-limited company in 2002, after merging with six other Chinese geophysical companies. The new company is located in Zhuozhou city, Hebei province, sixty kilometers south of Beijing. BGP currently has 115 land seismic crews, 9 shallow water and transition zone crews, 8 VSP crews and 21 non-seismic crews operating in 45 countries on 4 continents.
The operations are conducted in a wide variety of terrain conditions, such as gravel plains, mountains, deserts, jungles, swamps, marshes, shallow water and transition zones. In 2006, BGP launched its offshore seismic program. At present, BGP has six vessels, one 2D streamer vessel, two 2D/3D streamer vessels, one 6-streamer 3D vessel, one 12-streamer 3D vessel, and a 4C OBC vessel.
Since 1961, BGP has provided quality services for more than 140 energy companies at home and abroad, including CNPC, Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Total, ENI, Repsol YPF, OXY, GNPOC, Saudi Aramco, Pemex, PDO and Remsa.
BGP has completed a 2D seismic survey awarded by ENI in East Sindh of Pakistan with a total production of 4618.15km. This is the biggest project that BGP has ever conducted in Pakistan. Drawing on its experience in desert operations, BGP adopted applicable techniques and suitable equipments for the successful execution of the project. Website : www.bgp.com.cn


Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL)
Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL) is a leading oil and gas exploration and production company listed on all the three stock exchanges of Pakistan. The Company's prime focus is to deliver performance through excellence in the field of exploration, drilling and production of crude oil and gas.
Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL), a subsidiary of The Attock Oil Company Limited (AOC), was incorporated on November 25, 1950. AOC was founded in 1913 and made its first oil discovery in 1915 at Khaur, District Attock. AOC has, therefore, pioneered exploration and production of oil and gas in this region nearly a century ago. In 1978, POL took over the exploration and production business of AOC. Since then, POL has been investing independently and in joint venture with various exploration and production companies for the search of oil and gas in the country.
In addition to exploration and production of oil and gas, POL also manufactures LPG, Solvent Oil and Sulphur. POL markets LPG under its own brand named POLGAS as well as through its subsidiary CAPGAS (Private) Limited. POL also operates a network of pipelines for transportation of its own as well as other companies' crude oil to Attock Refinery Limited.
In 2005, the Company acquired a 25% share in National Refinery Limited, which is the only refining complex in the country producing fuel products as well as lube base oils. Website : www.pakoil.com.pk


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