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Continuation of aliveness the tradition us, Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (PAPG) is organizing server event including technical workshops, field trips, social gatherings and mega event "Annual Technical Conference & Oil Show", now you can be a part of these events 20 corporate members and different s universities student chapters in Pakistan.PAPG will Continue to make your membership more and more useful by organizing similiar events in the future too..


   By : Muhammad Zafarullah

Organized jointly by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Pakistan Chapter and Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (PAPG), an affiliate of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2013 was held between November 26 and 27 at Serena Hotel Islamabad.
As a key annual event in the country’s upstream oil and gas calendar, ATC ’13 afforded an ideal platform to brainstorm on the way forward to countering the country’s energy challenges in the face of dwindling resources, increasing oil prices and capital costs, drawing over 1000 delegates, including delegates including petroleum industry professionals, service providers, scientists, professors and students.
The formal inauguration of the conference was done by State Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Jam Kamal Khan on November 26. Chairman ATC 2013, in his welcome address on the occasion, stated that this year’s theme “Energy Revolution Through Hydrocarbon Resources” could be more topical as Pakistan strives to meet ever-increasing energy demand and need for enhancing the resource base using the available infrastructure. He thanked all the delegates and participants for attending the conference, expressing special gratitude to Jam Kamal Khan for being the chief guest and, as he is very ambitious to put it, “energizing the oil and gas industry.”
Addressing the conference, Jam Kamal Khan underscored that “Current energy crisis requires search for new energy resources on war footings and this conference is being held at a very pertinent time when we are facing with energy problem at home and similarly, soaring global energy prices have put an unprecedented pressure on finances of many countries, and are threatening to undermine gains to the economy made due to growth rates.
He assured that this conference will afford ample opportunities to share knowledge, expertise, technologies and techniques, especially those relating to Tight and shale Gas Exploration and Development and such exchange of ideas will give a new impetus to the efforts by the government to find additional local energy resources and boost Government’s endeavor to attract investors. The huge shale gas volume indicated by IEA need to be firmed by the companies operating in Pakistan in their respective working areas. Similarly, Thar coal, huge deposits need to be utilized for the generation of the energy. Government’s Oil and Gas Strategy is well defined through liberal price mechanism that have been provided in 2012 Petroleum Policy
The proceedings of the inaugural session concluded with panel discussion chaired by Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Resources, Mr Jam Kamal Khan and panelists were:

  • Mr Muhammad Riaz Khan – MD OGDCL
  • Mr Asim Murtaza Khan – MD PPL
  • Lt General (retd) Raza Muhammad Khan – MD Mari Petroleum Company Ltd
  • Mr Qaiser Aijaz – Deputy Country Manager KUFPEC
  • Ferenc Juhasz – MD MOL Pakistan
  • Arturo Blanco – Marketing Manager Schlumberger (Pakistan & Yemen)
  • Nadeem Bajwa – Area Manager Weatherford Oiltools ME Ltd

Different specified topics were owed to the panelists relevant to the theme of the conference to discuss.
"Sharing his views at his specified topic “Biggest Player, Biggest Contribution” Mr. Riaz Khan stated that OGDCL had been operating in most of the explored areas in the country and has been using EOR/ IOR in their existing fields since early 1990s. Usage of 4-D Seismic (Time Lapse Seismic) should be used to locate areas with bypassed hydrocarbons and an additional 8 to 10% hydrocarbon reserves can be retrieved.
An aggressive exploration program must be carried out including Offshore which is still unexplored. He emphasized that “Security can be managed but the main issue which the country must overcome is ENERGY.

Conclusion of the Panel Discussion was the fact that “the country is in energy crisis”. Having been a population close to 200 Million people and as a responsible citizens we should ensure no waste of any energy, must use it cautiously and aware of the fact that this resource is in short supply. There is no short-cut to overcoming this crisis and must adopt short-term measures to cope with the prevailing situation. This present issue is a consequence of poor planning which spans 15 to 20 years. In terms of technology, the world has gone very fast and we have to ensure that increase our pace to keep up. The Government is serious about addressing the issue which can be seen from the fact that this Panel Discussion was chaired by Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources.
The main technical event including presentations of 24 professional and 22 students’s papers as well as a “Mini Oil Show” comprising different service providing companies’ stalls, was very well attended and appreciated by delegates including Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineer belongs to Oil & Gas industries and academia.
On November 27 2013, the closing ceremony was chaired by Mr. Riaz Hussain Pirzadada, Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination. On his address he acknowledged that “Current energy crisis requires search for new energy resources while soaring global energy prices have put an unprecedented pressure on many countries and are threatening to undermine gains to economy made due to growth rates.
He stated that availability of energy in Pakistan remains high on government's agenda. Increasing local energy production is the only way to ensure cheap and reliable energy supply to the people and the industry of our country. Shale gas, tight gas and Thar coal need to be exploited to their full potential as has been highlighted during the conference. The minister appreciated and lauded the SPE and PAPG for inviting students from all over Pakistan to participate in the conference. He said this will promote inter-provincial harmony in addition to dissemination of technical knowledge. The role of provincial harmony was substantial increased after the implementation of 18th Amendment, which posed this constitutional amendment expeditiously and amicably the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources unhindered
The conference ended with presenting vote of thanks to the guests, and participants by Chairman PAPG, Mr. Abdul Wahid Chughtai followed by awarding of shields by the chief guest to the organizing committee ATC, including Muhammad Zafarullah (Coordinator PAPG), Tahir Maqsood (Chairman Publication), Tariq Mehmood (Student Coordinator G&G), and other volunteers of SPE & PAPG related to E & P companies.

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