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The Most Enthusiastic, Able, Bright and Reputable Professionals of the E&P and Geo Science industry are members of PAPG. Though Professionals are the core of PAPG’s membership, not all SPE members are them. Students are also part of our Ellite circle, In order to fulfill the industry’s requirments requirements a combined effort is mandatory, and PAPG is the right place for all of today’s industry professionals, regardless of experience or course of study.

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Number of Benifits come with your membership. It also gives you access to more than 2000 Proessioanls and Students who are already thhe part of PAPG, What you get is:

  • Access to Publications of PAPG.
  • Receive Subscription of PAPG Newdletter.
  • Present technical papers, speak to sections and find leadership and volunteer opportunities.
  • Receive registration alerts to events and special pricing on books and subscriptions.
  • Automatically qualify for the Election voting for the ExCOM.

and many more…..


Any person engaged in the practice or teaching of a geoscience may apply for active membership, provided:

  • You hold a Bachelors Degree in an earth science from a college of acceptable academic standards.
  • A university degree is equivalent to a 4-year bachelor’s degree in engineering or basic or applied sciences.
  • Three (3) years of experience in the practice or teaching an earth science.


To make your membership more accessible,
The new dues are as follows, dues of members shall be payable in advance of the fiscal year in accordance with a schedule to be established annually by the Executive Committee
provided that the dues shall not exceed the sums set forth below:

  • Active: up to PKR 1000
  • Honorary: None
  • Junior: up to PKR 500
  • Student: up to PKR 500
  • Associate: up to PKR 1000