Farrukh Saghir

Chairman PAPG

Mr. Farrukh Saghir is a business and technical leader working as a Executive Director, Exploration in OGDCL. He has an extensive hands-on oil & gas (upstream industry) experience in Pakistan  and abroad with different international companies as well as recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for business solutions, creating innovative exploration, development, and operations programs in the most complex and challenging geological regimes.

Muhammad Shareef
General Secretary

Muhammad Shareef is serving as General Secretary at PAPG

Waqar Majeed Ghouri
Joint Secretary

Waqar Majeed Ghouri is serving as Joint Secretary at PAPG

Syed Asad Ali Kazmi
Membership Secretary

Syed Asad Ali Kazmi is serving as Membership Secretary at PAPG

Abid Hussain
Technical Coordinator (South)

Abid Ali is serving as Technical Coordinator (South) at PAPG

Sarmad Hassan Sharif
Technical Coordinator (North)

Sarmad Hassan Sharif is serving as Technical Coordinator (North) at PAPG

Ahsan Javed
Chief Treasurer

Ahsan Javed is serving as Chief Treasurer at PAPG

Shujaat Ali
University Liaison (North)

Shujaat Ali is serving as University Liaison (North) at PAPG

Sundas Zahid
University Liaison (South)

Sundas Zahid is serving as University Liaison (South) at PAPG


Muhammad Ali Shah
Media Secretary

Muhammad Ali Shah is serving as Media Secretary at PAPG