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Field trip to Chilya Band
Keenjhar Lake

Thatta, Sindh


As a part of its Continuing Technical & Professional Development (CTPD) program, PAPG South team is pleased to invite you to register for our upcoming one-day geological field trip to Chilya Band Keenjhar Lake on January 21, 2023

This geological field trip will provide an opportunity to learn about the Eocene Reef/ carbonate build-ups, external and internal geometries, and its reservoir characterization and to explore the beautiful surroundings of Chilya Band Keenjhar Lake and Makli Heritage Site. The itinerary for the day is as follows

Program Details: 

Date:              January 21, 2023 (Saturday)

Departure from PIDC House (Karachi) :             0800 Hrs
Arrival at the field site, Welcome tea    :             1000 Hrs
Field Observations                                  :              1030 Hrs
Lunch and prayer break                           :             1330 Hrs
Makli heritage site visit                           :              1430 Hrs
Back in Karachi                                         :             1730 Hrs

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